- Treatments applied during the growing season to prevent
   and eliminate potential and current pest activity so as to
   protect the health and vitality of the plants.

- Preventative application to help control disease
   development on trees and shrubs and treatments to
   stop active disease from developing further thus giving
   the plant time to recover.

- Essential horticultural nutrients and micro nutrients are placed in the feeder root zone areas to improve root

- Sweetlawns uses the latest tree injection technology "Arborjet" plant health solutions to Control a variety of
   tree issues:
      - Emerald Ash Borers
      - Common tree borers
      - Insect & Disease control
      - Fertilization
- This is a safe control system that is very effective.

- Trimming and shaping of ornamenal trees to restore their natural shape and beauty by removing dead and crossing
   limbs and resuckering, along with exterior shaping.


Since working in the lawn care industry for 25 years, my goal is to provide the best service to my customers. Each lawn and landscape is special and requires a good nutritional program for a healthy property. Please call today, so we can discuss your needs.