- Lawn Fertilization Treatments
    - Timely applications of fertilizer to improve and maintain
      quality health and appearance of our customers turf.

- Weed Control Treatments
Pre-emergent and pest emergent treatments to prevent and
      eliminate unwanted weeds and weed grasses in turf to better
      improve appearane and thickness

- Insect Control Treatments
࠼span class="style6">- Treatments can be applied to prevent turf damage from pests
      and stop activity occurring in turf.
            Surface pests - ie...chinch bugs, sod web worms etc...
            Subsurface pests - grubs, billbugs ect...
- Disease (Fungus) Control Treatments
࠼span class="style6">- Those treatments are applied and the disease variety had been diagnosed. The treatments stop the spread of the       active disease.
- Core Aeration
    - Turf equipment is utilized to pull plugs out of soil from the lawn to increase air and waterintake to root system       and improve root development, turf density and redue thatch buid up. Overseeding also available with this

Since working in the lawn care industry for 25 years, my goal is to provide the best service to my customers. Each lawn and landscape is special and requires a good nutritional program for a healthy property. Please call today, so we can discuss your needs.