Early Fall

- Fertilization with iron to stimulate color and growth and weed control applied.

Late Fall

- ''Winterizer'' treatment to promote root development and early spring green up.

- Core Aeration is very important to improve turf density, root development and thatch reduction.

- Overseeding is beneficial for thin and bare areas, most effective when done in conjunction with aeration.

- Fall insect control - for control of cool season mites, tent caterpillars and bag worms, etc.

- Root Zone Fertilization - essential slow release micro nutrients and placed in ''feeder root'' zone to promote plant health, vigor, growth, clor and vitality.

- Fertilization Injections - using the ''Arborjet'' system essential nutrients are placed in the vascular system of trees.

The fall months are very important. This is a good time to prepare for the spring months. Typically tree injections and pruning can start your landscaping off for a fast developing spring season.